COVEN’s creative processes are unique, which makes its collections one of a kind.

It is core for the brand to pursue and maintain its authorial signature and its products’ high quality, which begin with textile design and deliver authentically exclusive clothing.




COVEN turns 30.


In a tribute to its trajectory, the self-allusive Origem collection weaves together everything that inspired and made the brand what it is. From its birthplace, in Patrocínio, in the countryside of Minas Gerais, Brazil, where the creative director Liliane Rebehy had her first contact with the loom, to creations that transform time into a circular reverence for three decades of history.


The polysemy of origin, which refers to the starting point and suggests the continuity of something that extends over days, years and sensibilities, makes the new collection an artistic organism of values of COVEN: respect for the handmade, the incorporation of cultural and architectural references, the teachings acquired in the homeland, the influences of the new home in Belo Horizonte, the life that passes and improves.

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